You Can Have Financial Success With The Right Financial Education

Financial EducationLet’s talk personal financial success. Most people in the current economy are not finding personal financial abundance even though they all secretly desire it.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to create wealth and do well with their personal finances. However, during the six years I spent working as a financial planner, I met many families who struggled with the concepts of financial prosperity and making more money.

Here’s what I saw when meeting new clients: High debt, low investment funds, and an over-all lack of financial education. I rarely saw financial success.

My clients were searching for a way to eliminate debt, stay out of debt, invest wisely and achieve financial abundance. All the while, they were making decisions and had created financial habits that had them straying down the road of poverty.

One of the things I realized after working in the personal finance field is that there is very little personal finance education for the average person. Too many people operate their financial lives without a plan.

If this is how you’ve been living your life and you’re struggling with becoming more comfortable financially, it’s time to formulate your goals and dreams.

It’s as if you were taking a trip. You wouldn’t set off on a trip from New York, NY to Orlando, FL (Disney World sounds kind of nice) without a map, would you? No, you’d get out the map and formulate a plan to get there correctly. So, why try to accomplish success with your personal finances without figuring out the best route?

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you desire personal financial success, it won’t come from over-spending on frivolous purchases, racking up a ton of credit card debt, or living without some sort of personal financial plan.

Debt proof living needs to be your focus. Therefore, you must focus your attention on the following areas of personal finance: budgeting, planning, get out of debt, reduce taxes, investments, real estate, etc.

If you truly desire financial success with your money matters, you’ll need to get a handle on these areas. If you desire this goal, there’s no other way around it…you must put your attention on these areas.

Very few people are handed wealth and financial abundance on a silver platter, but it can be attained by adjusting your wealth consciousness, using some visualization, formulating a plan and sticking to it.

Imagine the inner peace you will feel when you perfect your personal finances!

Organize Your Financial Planning

Financial PlanningTo have the most organized financial planning, be sure that you are having or following a planning that can assist you to complete your taxes annually, going all the way out to obtain deduction and also to provide you with proper guide of how to use the returned money from tax breaks. You will need to understand what a financial planner does before you decide to use their professions.
According to financial planning articles, it is important that one understands the importance of financial planning, their goals in life, future planning, the need of wealth management, organizing your financial information and useful guidance about taxes. You see, more and more companies are offering financial planning programs to average citizen so basically it is good for you. It is no longer only for the rich; everyone can enjoy the help from experts to guide them in financial planning. But certainly, you will need to pay a price for their skills.
If you are looking for the best company to have an organized financial planning, there are plenty of services that serve such purposes. One very beneficial option is to seek assistance from a certified financial planner. This expertise is just perfect if what you want is a broad analysis of your financial plan. Usually they will have at least three years of working experience, practice strict ethic codes and will need to pass three exams before they are allowed to provide their profession services to customers. Normally they should also be equipped with tax planning knowledge.
Financial planning articles are really great. They highlighted another great choice of financial planning – a certified public accountant. This is the best option if what you have been worried about is your taxes and nothing else. These people are usually trained under an extensive program completed with stern testing and examinations to be tiptop in their profession. Other options enlightened include chartered retirement planning counselors and chartered financial consultant where both are great to help you regarding retirement plan although they might not be too detailed in their expertise.

What Is Financial Statement?

Financial StatementHow do you define financial statement? Financial statement is a report of a company’s earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flows and income. It gives the financial condition of a company, meaning if it is growing or losing money. It is not hard to read a financial statement, it is only like reading an electricity bill.

Actually, it isn’t difficult. If you know how to read a credit card bill, you can learn to read basic financial statements. Basics are not hard to learn, you only need a bit of patience.

So the question is: Why do you need to study financial statement? A financial statement is a documentation of the company’s financial status or condition. It is very helpful for an investor because it will determine if a company is a good investment or not.

A financial statement will give you the financial information about the company such as its liabilities, earnings, cash flows and assets. It is an important tool to determine if the company is increasing its earnings or losing money and it can be simply understand by the readers. It is a simple report which is usually in tabulated form.

A financial statement can be separated into four parts: income statements, balance sheets, statements of shareholder’s equity and cash flow statement. Income statement shows how the revenue is converted to net income of the company. On the other hand, balance sheets indicates what a company owns or its assets and liabilities in a particular period.

In financial accounting, a cash flow statement, is a financial statement that shows how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affect cash and cash equivalents, and breaks the analysis down to operating, investing, and financing activities. The fourth financial statement, called a statement of shareholders’ equity, shows changes in the interests of the company’s shareholders over time.

In conclusion, a financial statement is a helpful tool to determine if the company is a good company to buy in terms of investing in its stocks. It is the representation of the financial status of the company and the gives the over-all performance made by the company in a particular period.

The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Services

The Purpose Of Collection Agencies The main purpose of collection agencies is to make sure that an effort is made when it comes to collecting debts that are already past due from either individual or business parties. You should also know that there are several types of collection agencies that are currently in operation as of today. Collection services also include the first and third-party category and the debt collection category which is the common type of collection service. Still, it’s quite a fact that some of the debtors don’t really much care about the collection agencies since they tend to find such organizations to be aggressive for their purpose. However, some debtors are also at fault for this since some of the lie about why they could not pay in time and it’s happened so many times that the collection agencies don’t have the resources to find evidence of such claims. Most of the time, lenders and other similar companies would always have their own department for the first-party collection agency. Compared to the third-party collection agencies, the first-party ones are not as aggressive as a debtor might expect. This is due to the fact that first party collection agencies are more focused on making sure that the customer will be retained while also being able to collect the past-due debts. Right after a debt goes past due, that’s when the first party agencies will begin their task. Their initial methods usually include sending notices by mails. If this doesn’t work after a month, they will rely on phone calls to check on the debtor if they are willing to pay and when. Sometimes, this non-aggressive approach doesn’t work at all for some of the debtors and they have no choice but to hand the task over to the third party collection agencies. The third party collection agency is basically the firm that’s agreed to collect the debt, but they’re not originally included in the agreement between the lender and the debtor. Third party collection agencies are also given accounts by the lending companies to make sure that they’ll be able to safely deposit the collected debt and the agency will be paid on a contingency-based fee. This means that the third party collection agency will only get paid once they are able to collect a certain amount of debt from the debtors. Third party collection agencies tend to be aggressive due to the fact that they will not get paid unless the debtor also pays. Having that in mind, the debtors shouldn’t really expect pleasantries from such agencies unless they’re willing to pay immediately. Most of the time, debtors will feel threat and misinterpret the task of the collection agency without considering the reason why they use such methods.Agencies – My Most Valuable Advice

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Mlm Business Success Whats Your Exit Strategy

How you get out is way more important than how you get in. Its absolutely critical. Its called the exit strategy and its something youll never hear discussed in any MLM Business recruiting session. In fact, you may never hear about it at all once youre in the company, yet its one of the most important subjects. Without one, you could lose your entire MLM Business income you spent years building once youre ready to step away and fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Lets look at why this is so important, and 2 critical items you must have in any business in order to have a successful exit strategy.

So why an exit strategy?

Think of it this way. If you work a traditional job today, one thing you probably looked for is the retirement plan, 401K, or other pension. Its the income stream once you retire from your primary business. An MLM business is no different. If you dont plan for the future, youll find yourself in an endless cycle of phone calls, recruiting meetings and team support to keep your income going. Without that continual effort, your income will evaporate because youre no longer driving it.

Consider this scenario.

You found the right MLM business opportunity, and youve spent months and months, and maybe even several years building up your team and your downline and have created a successful income of multiple five figures per month. Youve accomplished your mission and paid off your debt, you own your house and youve traveled the globe. You decide to retire from your MLM opportunity, and then you find something disturbing happening. Without you leading by example, actively recruiting mlm leads, running team calls, answering questions, etc, your team, and your check start to dwindle. It makes sense because it was your drive and energy that built the team in the first place. Once that stops, natural attrition takes over and the team dwindles. Next thing you know, multiple five figures becomes just five figures, and then four and then three. And guess what? It happens a lot quicker than it took to build it. So now what are you going to do? Build it all over again? This isnt just limited to MLM businesses either.

Do you know that statics show that by the time they have retired, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress? How can this be with the huge multi-million dollar salaries? Simple. They didnt have the financial education on how to leverage the income and turn it into a reoccurring revenue stream. Its the same with many top MLM entrepreneurs. There are many stories of those who built huge incomes, and then went back to broke after they left their company, or the company went out of business. In both cases, the individuals earning the income didnt know how to financially leverage it. And by leverage, I dont mean buying a Ferrari or expensive jewelry like you see in all the pictures, unless of course thats your investment and you plan to sell it as soon as you leave your MLM business.

There are two key items to look for in your next company to solve this.

First, you want to look for a company that is building some kind of component that helps you have a long term residual stream other than the downline; usually this is an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Typically the way these work is you are given the opportunity to earn shares while youre recruiting, which in turn will translate into real value (i.e., money) when the company goes public. This is nothing to sneeze at as people like Warren Buffet (richest man in the world) have been known to invest in MLM businesses. There are many examples throughout the industry of top recruiters earning huge sums when their company goes public.

The other key criteria to look for in a MLM business is getting into one that has financial education built in, or better yet uses financial education as part of the product line. This way youre really maximizing your time learning how to build a profitable MLM business for your short-term income now, and a long-term residual income stream for your retirement in the future (hopefully near term future).

No matter what anyone tells you, building an MLM Business takes a lot of work and effort, but it doesnt have to be done forever. If you plan your exit strategy correctly, you ensure that once youve earned the income you deserve, it will work for you long after youve stepped away from your business to live the life you deserve.

Coping With Investment Fraud

investment fraud (also called brokerage fraud) usually occurs when an advisor, a brokerage firm, or a stockbroker give advice to a client against the rules and regulations as decided by the Securities and Exchange Commission. You should not fall victim to deceitful brokers so better study the flimflams used by investment fraudsters and how you can steer clear of them, in this article.

Unfortunately, most of the investment fraudsters take aim at older people. Majority of the senior citizens have the features that fraudsters are searching for. These factors may be their sizeable savings accounts and the inclination to trust more effortlessly. If you fit in to this age bracket, be extra cautious. Invest your money directly with reliable companies, and avoid deceptive brokers unless you are adept at stock market and its nitty-gritty.

You should never sign any document without the presence of a legal representative you trust, particularly if you are not very learned about legalese and technical documentation. In case if you are reluctant to hire a lawyer, therefore you should do your homework in advance.

Watchfully reading and understanding contracts, terms of agreements, and policies that come attached with any investment documentation could prove to be an intelligent move.

Majority of fraudulent companies use the fine print of their contracts and agreements to deceive you. The most common tricks used by investment fraudsters are so-called Prime Bank Instruments. They practice to use the names of the worlds finest and high-status banks in efforts to make you invest your money. They act as if to pool your money with the money of other investors. Initially they may take you away by offering you good returns with the intention that you invest more and tell your acquaintances about it. In point of fact, the returns they offer you are money from their new victims. After one or two buncos, they will run away with all of your money.

If you feel you have discovered a company worth investing in, be careful. Look further into the companys financial conditions and stock position, at the very least. Ensure that that you are dealing with a legitimate company; hence you will not be cheated and scammed of your hard-earned money.

Let’s consider investing in a nationally renowned startup U.S. airline company such as Baltia Air Lines.

Baltia Air Lines, Inc. is a publicly traded New York corporation trading under the symbol “BLTA” on the OTC bulletin board. Baltia Air Lines is currently seeking approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) for the right to fly the only nonstop roundtrip flights from NY to St. Petersburg, Russia. The Company has everything in place and ready to go. Baltia has filed with the D.O.T. and has completed its manuals for submission to the FAA once they receive the go ahead from the D.O.T. Baltia’s upper management is extremely confident that the business model will generate substantial revenues and shareholder appreciation. The Company has projected that its first aircraft servicing the St. Petersburg market from JFK will generate on an annual basis gross revenues of more than $90 million with a 17% bottom line. The projections are based upon a conservative 57% passenger load factor and average ticket pricing of roundtrip flights from JFK to Pulkova, St. Petersburg. Passenger load factors should be significantly higher than 57% and at 40% passenger load the Company will break even. Plans to increase service to additional markets such as Riga, Kiev, Minsk and Moscow will add to the already exciting sales numbers of Baltia.

The New York – St. Petersburg market is enormous and rapidly expanding, connecting two major world-renowned cities with populations of 10 million and 6 million, respectively. Baltia’s nonstop service from New York’s JFK airport to St. Petersburg will take approximately 8 hours, as compared to foreign airlines with European connecting flights that take 11 to 18 hours.

That’s a huge difference for legions of business travelers and tourists who fly to St. Petersburg each year (the city has become one of the world’s seven hottest travel destinations as well as a major shipping hub).

Simply put, Baltia Air Lines will offer the fastest, most reliable, convenient and comfortable passenger service – as well as the fastest and most reliable air cargo and mail services.

Baltia is a fully reporting OTCBB company with 270 million common shares issued/outstanding, and 18 million shares in the float (prior to this offering). The company has no debt and no liabilities.

So, as you can see, investing into Baltia Air Lines has a lot of merit and a lot of promise.

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Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

People that run a small business should certainly consider allow credit cards transaction. The world today is full of new technology, and the credit card has allowed people to buy things without having to bring a lot of cash on their wallets. But the small businesses of some people still don’t allow credit cards payments. It is a waste, as we’ll soon see, if these people had allowed credit card payments, they would’ve gotten a lot of benefits. It’s easy for some people to give up these benefits, because they don’t know what these benefits are! Here we are going to look at some of the many benefits that people who accept credit card payment will get. You’ll surely be puzzled why not everyone gives credit card transactions once you’ve finished reading this.

Like I said, with credit cards you no longer have to bring so much money around. Now you have to wonder, what if they enter a store that doesn’t allow credit card transactions. So what will these people do? You can’t buy anything, so you’ll just leave without taking anything with you. It is a loss of sales for the person running the store. So now you see, a businessman or businesswoman who does not allow credit card payments could possibly be losing a lot of potential clients. You surely know that sales are one of the most important things to a small business, so if your business is losing on sales, you have to do something about it, you should start accepting credit card payments.

Your business will not only get more sales, but it will also look more professional with credit card processing. Should you go inside a small shop, you’ll definitely feel that it is legitimate if you see the logos of credit card companies around. It might not seem to be very important at first, but getting credit card processing to legitimize your business is actually very important.

Not only will it boost sales and legitimize your business, but getting credit card processing also allows you to take your business to the web. You’ve surely heard about the online world by now, and you should know that in order for a business to make it to the next level, they should probably have an online presence. This is because more and more people, or consumers, are heading online. Businessmen and businesswomen who refuse to take their business online will certainly lose a lot of potential customers. The majority of transactions made online are through credit card payments. So in this way, people who want to bring their business online have to get credit card processing.

All these goodies you get from accepting credit card payments are actually only a few of the many. But surely by now you know that allowing credit card payments is a great idea.


Learning The Secrets About Accounts

Different Kind of Merchants for Credit Card Processing

The trends in modern businesses require every business to be prepared to accept credit cards. It has increasingly been accepted as better means of making payments. The reason is probably that it is safer as it does not involve real cash handling. Failure by a business to use credit cards results in loss of many possible sales. This is also a failure in customer service. In the event a company decides to use credit cards, there are some considerations that it needs to make. These are done to ensure that the firm stands to gain from its decision. The most critical factor is how the payment will be processed.

Its useful to understand the mode of operations of the business to ensure that the company gets the best credit card processing system. The same way businesses are different, it is the same way payment systems differ. If a business is based in a physical location, then a point of sale is good. It is a type of merchant credit card account. It connects with other businesses systems such as the accounting and the inventory control systems. It therefore offers an all service under one roof. It is the best where there is average to high level of transactions

Another way of processing credit cards is the use of internet merchant account. For businesses that operate virtually, this is the best way of processing payment. If a business transacts over the telephone; there is the telephone merchant account. For business that needs to be mobile, this is the beset payment processing method. For those businesses which do not operate heavily on the physical address, they should opt for the internet and telephone merchant account.

Each of the processing means it distinct. There are however some commonness. For a person who opts o use credit cards in his business, these factor are very crucial. The fort thing is the transaction fee. The initial cost includes the registrations and the monthly standing charges. Charges differ across the merchants. Another part has to be met is the processing cost. This is the payment that is paid for every transaction that has been conducted. Part of this cost depends on the volume of the cash processed. Before signing as a contract, a business owner should review how different vendors are charging.

Honesty of the vendor should never be downplayed. This is because you will trust your money with the vendor. The person trustworthy needs to be above board. The duration of a contract is very essential; make sure you are fully informed. Every person need not be trapped in long exploitative contracts. This one will ensure that one does not pay high earlier termination charges. Data Security is another issue that is of paramount interest. A a system that utilizes the end to end encryption services is more secure.