The Advantages Of Using A Financial Planner

No matter if your finances are good or bad, sometimes you just need the help of a financial planner. These individuals are a great addition to have simply because you’ll be able to ask them about any questions or concerns you might have regarding a particular service or activity you might wish to get into regarding finances.

To make the correct choices regarding your financial future it is very important to consult the related persons. A financial planning service or a financial planner has several benefits and advantages, that can be covered today!

– One of the most important advantages of getting a financial planner is to have someone with expertise, knowledge and experience in the financial industry that you can ask queries to, based on your particular situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at buying a new home or car or you simply want more information on self managed funds, a financial planner could help you choose the best way of going about these situations so as to benefit your future.

– Additionally, when getting into something like self managed funds or investment stocks, the financial planner could save you a lot of time (and money) because of their experience in this field. They know which are the best stocks to invest in and which ones should be left alone. They additionally can do all of the analysis for you in addition to all the groundwork involved and help you create a profile.

– If you’ve got money tied up somewhere, such as in self managed super funds or stocks, the financial planner will provide their financial planning services to assist you decide whether you must move your money or keep it where it is. This is particularly important when the market is at its most volatile and it might be crucial to move your cash elsewhere!

When selecting a financial planner or having a look at a financial planning service, it’s a good idea to choose someone that has expertise in your specific area of finances. If you are interested in finding out about Insurance, deal with a Chartered Financial Consultant. If you’re interested in a portfolio management, accounting, or self managed super funds find someone in the CFA or a SMSF Specialist Advisor.

Additionally, when dealing with a financial planning service, make sure that they are indeed certified – meaning they have a degree in this industry and present expertise in working in this industry.


Before making an investment decision you ought to read the product disclosure statement of any financial product and meet with your financial advisor to discuss its suitability.

Importance of Advertising in Jewellery Industry

Advertising is the best way to communicate to the customers. Advertising helps inform the customers about the brands availability in the market and the variety of products useful to them. Businesses use advertising to accomplish varied goals and companies place those ads in diverse media. Advertising in Jewellery Industry depends more on visibility and existence. It is mainly based on reputation and till date, it’s not considered as the value contributor in Brand Building. However, advertising has been recognized as a mandatory corporate asset and part of organization structure over a period of time.
“The main objective of advertising is to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer”, says George Felton, an author of “Advertising: Concept and Copy.” Jewellers use advertisements to communicate a whole lot through different media platforms!!! It can be anything from an upcoming entertainment event you’re promoting to a new product line you’re selling, or a new store launch. Whether your promotion takes the form of print ads, commercials, billboards or handbills, the content adheres to the rules of journalism by identifying who, what, when, where and why.

Awareness: Advertising helps to raise awareness of issues of your target audience, with which they may be unfamiliar. It also educates them on the related benefits of your product. Institutional advertising is not really designed to increase sales, but is structured to promote a good image of the company or product. This perception hopefully translates into future sales. Even if the consumer doesn’t buy the product right now, the company gets the opportunity to successfully portray its brand identity to the consumers in the market. A popular example of this is Kalyan Jewellers. Post its IPO, Kalyan Jewellers launched an extensive campaign educating its consumer and build confidence in them. The campaign illustration emphasized on attributes of sound buying. Once only known in southern India, the campaign boosted visibility and footfalls of Kalyan Jewellers across India.

Aids in promoting events and offers: Jewellers float various discount offers during major festivals such as Akshay Tritiya, Deepavali, Gudi Padwa, Dhanteras, etc. The activity helps pull consumers to induce trial and strong business prospects for the advertisers.

Launch of a new boutique/store/product: Adverting informs the consumers about new store launch or product. Print ads, TV commercials, WhatsApp videos and social media marketing are a few of the fastest form of quick advertising. It is easier for the business to reach a vast number of audiences by advertising. PC Jewellers and TBZ-The original are the examples that resorted to new launch advertising campaign for retail chains across India.

Retention: An ongoing advertising campaign is essential in reminding your existing customers that you’re still around. In a troubled economy where so many jewellers are going out of business, maintaining a strong presence through regular ads, fliers, postcards, events and a dynamic website is invaluable for long-term relationships. This also serves to attract new customers who may not have been in need of your products or services when you first opened, but are now pleased to have their memories jogged.

Brand Image: Advertising creates goodwill and helps in building a brand’s image in the market. Repeated advertisements make branded products and services very popular. People tend to show a more trustworthy attitude towards advertised brands over non-advertised ones. Well-known branded products are usually made from quality raw materials and hence, they are preferred by most consumers. As a result, the demand for branded products increases.
Moonstruck is an Advertising Agency in India with expertise in branding for various gems & jewellery industries, i. e., Palak Jewellers, Nexus Jewellers, Bombay Jewelers, Maa Gold, Shiv Kumar Soni, Nakoda Jewelers & many more.

The rise in popularity and building of trust gradually helps to increase the value of the brand name. Eventually, this boosts sales of branded products and services. It also popularizes the reputation of the entity, who owns these brands.

Online Financial Advice Which Aren’t A Dime A Dozen

Numerous financial websites exist to provide online financial advice to individuals as well as commercial establishments. Normally there isn’t much of a difference between offline and online financial sites other than convenience in not requiring physical presence as well as availability of advisors day and night.

When selecting potential online sites to cater to your requirements, check that they are backed by reputable financial organizations. Some of the less honorable institutions focus more on selling financial products as compared to providing good financial advice. In order to achieve their objectives, they may customize their advice to veer towards the direction of pushing a certain line of products. They are driven by the incentive of commissions tagged with sale of products. Be aware of these sites, their terms and conditions.

If you have a specific area to seek online financial advice, check with friends and associates for recommended sites and suggestions. Unless you are seeking financial advice of a general nature, it’s advisable to review sites relevant to areas of your interest as they engage consultants who specialize in those areas. Although most sites provide advice on financial planning, mortgage, debt, taxes, insurance and many more, you may require counsel on more niche areas or advice more specific to your needs.

Most, if not all, online financial sites are laden with various bits of advice on the what, how, why, when and which to do with your financial concerns. They are also well-equipped with financial calculators to give you a starting point in figuring out how to pay off existing and soon-to-be-occurred debts, select appropriate mortgages, make worthy investments, etc. To obtain more personalized advice, select a topic to best identify with your need. The site then matches you with one or more potential financial advisors of which you conduct your own interview to separate the sheep from the goats, so to say. Once you’ve picked a consultant you feel comfortable with, a quote with proposal is submitted for your approval. Upon ironing out the details, you then set sail on your financial tugboat towards achieving fiscal security, hopefully in the not too distant future.