Some of the HP’s best Financial and Business Calculators

If you are looking for a financial calculator that will fulfill all of your requirements be it complex mathematical, statistical, and even financial calculations then you need to check the HP calculator for all your business and financial needs. HP has been a pioneer not only in calculators but also in other technological products that are favored the world over. These calculators are excellent not only for those in the finance industry but also business men who need to rely on calculation results that are quick and accurate. Let’s look at some of these top HP financial and business calculators that are on sale.

HP 20b Financial Calculator

This calculator is said to satisfy every businessman, student and financial professional’s requirements. Its unique and slim design and sleek glossy finish has also found favor with those who are looking for style along with extreme usability. The HP 20b business calculator like all the other HP calculators is easy to use. The instruction manuals that come along with it are easy to understand and apply for a better output. It is excellent for all your finance, real estate, and business requirements. With instant results because of its intuitive layout and its CPU processing speed ensures that every professional gets their mathematical and statistical data quickly.

HP 10bII Business Calculator

This financial calculator by HP is an excellent choice for every kind of financial and business professionals whose job relies on instant results. With more than 100 business functions embedded in this calculator you will get results quickly as well as accurately. The calculator will help you calculate interest rates, standard deviations, loan payments, conversions, percentages, TVM, NPV, IRR and even cash flows. Its algebraic notation makes handling of this financial calculator easy even for the novice user. The keypad has a generous amount of spacing between keys your fingers will never hit the wrong number or functions. This is an excellent investment for real estate agents and real estate developers because of its user friendliness.

HP 12c Financial Programmable Calculator

This financial calculator has stood the test of time and hence is a favorite among financial planners who love calculating their taxes on the HP 12c Financial Programmable calculator. The layout on this calculator is easy to use and a lot of consideration has gone into it by its designers. Financial planners love this calculator and you will find one on almost every financial planner’s desk. This calculator therefore has a lot of positive reviews and those using it will never think of even looking at another financial planning calculator. This calculator is excellent in assisting you in calculating interest rates, loan payments, conversions, percent, standard deviations, TVM, IRR, NPV, bonds, cash flow and much more. With over 120 functions that are built into its system you will never be disappointed. This calculator has also been permitted in exams like the CFP, GARP FRM and CFA certification exams.

Phoenix Financial Planning Firm Takes Unique Approach

Chichester Wold Financial, LLC is an independently owned financial consulting firm with more than 17 years of dedicated personalized service to our clients. At Chichester Wold Financial, LLC we understand that your individual financial situation is unique and deserves an equally unique approach designed to help put you on track to reaching your financial goals.

Whether you are just starting to save for your future, or are a seasoned investor, Chichester Wold Financial, LLC has the financial management experience to direct you towards reaching your objectives. We also offer financial and investment services through First Allied Securities, Inc. to business owners and their employees. Our commitment is to always provide unbiased advice, impeccable service, and diversified financial resources to serve your individual needs … that’s one benefit of an independent perspective.

Our Mission:

We help individuals and families achieve peace of mind through the attainment of their financial goals and objectives. We forge mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with our clients based upon our philosophy to “serve first.” Our client’s achievement of their vision is always paramount.

Our Vision:

To be valued as an essential partner by those who value comprehensive, cross-disciplinary analysis to identify & implement strategies that achieve their goals.

Our Purpose:

We are the premier, most sophisticated and complete financial planning services organization. We provide high-value, cross-disciplinary consultation for our clients, their families and their businesses. We pursue our role as “advisors” with the highest degree of integrity, skill, and knowledge – accessing expertise with the most efficient systems, processes and creative ideas to deliver unparalleled experience.

Our Values:

Partnership: We are committed to working as partners with our clients’ advisors; our clients want to create relationships and solutions that endure.
Passionate about our Profession: We are energetic, enthusiastic and caring, and committed to our clients and each other.

Best Listening & Learning: We are committed to immersing ourselves in our clients’ world so our perspective is sound, reflects their vision, and our counsel is highly regarded.

Best Execution: We provide our clients with the best alternative strategies, thorough explanations and execution by implementing their agreed upon action steps.

Innovative & Creative: We use our unique regional and national expertise and our inherent curiosity to search for new and better ways to achieve our clients’ goals.

Ethical & Responsible: We operate ethically and with integrity, respect and civility as individuals and take personal responsibility for our own actions at all times.

Dedicated to Our People: We work diligently to attract, grow and retain the best people and we are dedicated to long-term, rewarding and fulfilling professional careers that provide challenging opportunities. We believe that people who are treated with respect and given responsibility in return develop their own strengths and give their best efforts consistently.

John J. Chichester, Jr., CFP®, CPA, PFS, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner, Registered Representative offering securities through First Allied Securities, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer and Member FINRA /SIPC, and an Investment Advisor Representative offering services through Hermening Advisory Services LLC and First Allied Advisory Services, Inc. John was Senior Financial Analyst with Lehman Brothers of New York; Vice President – Financial Controller/Head of Operations with GTF Asset Management (USA), Inc., New York; and Senior Analyst for MeesPierson Fund Services, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. John is noted for his commitment to the financial industry and for his ongoing efforts to keep abreast of the evolving complexities relating to the financial marketplace.