Why Robert Kiyosaki Says 401k Plan Or 401k Contribution Doesn’t Work

Throughout my life, I lived in a world where I saw rich people are getting richer and poor people are burdened to work 9 to 19 hours in a week and had to depends on their retire fund to spend the rest of their life. I remembered clearly when I was about to do my field study, I applied to work in a domestic company. Every single day, I noticed how the employees were working hard just to cover their bills by the end of the moment. Their life was managed by others, by the riches; they need to work throughout their entire life just to earn the measly amount of money provided by their social security (401k). I told myself not to have that kind of life.
Why Retirement Fund Or 401k Kills People?
Mary Painter, Operational Director of CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc. witnessed how many people died after retiring from their job and some committed suicide. She asked a question that nobody wants to answer, why people died so fast just after retiring or why people would commit suicide after working for their entire life.
The fact is that most of the people work for their entire life; they are working hard just that they would have their retirement fund to depend on when they retire and they found out that the retirement fund was barely enough to cover their expenses every month. They are in a point in their life where they had all the time they need in the world to do whatever they wanted to do, but not having the money to do it.
This is what has happened to the entire baby boom’s generation and generations to come. I said to myself that this kind of situation cannot happen to me; I have to find a way. This kind of situation cannot happen to you also; you have to find a way.
Now, instead of working for my entire life and had to depend on the retirement fund which was not a solution at all, I decided to start my own business and I decided to retire young, retire rich.
How To Retire Young And Retire Rich?
The story above would be a wide description about why 401k won’t work for you. 401k is invested on mutual funds which was too risky. No matter what you professions are, whether you are a banker, a clerk, a secretary, you will face this kind of situation.
How many of you are below 45? Do you want to retire young and retire rich? Or do you want to work your entire life away? How many of you want to be retired around 40 and financially free for the rest of your life?
How many of you are over 45 but are still struggling to cover your bills and debts by the end of the month? And just let your life depends on your 401k which will not be functioning really well if the share price falls?
What exactly is the way or the solution to this problem? What can get you out of the rat race that is faced by 95% of the population? The answer is, are you an employee or an employer? You don’t need to have a large corporation to be called an employer. What matters is your mindset and are you willing to be one.
Your plan to retire using 401k will only work if the value rises which needed the share to rise. So if you want to get out of the rat race and decided to invest in a business, what business model would be the right one to start with at this time of recession? Robert Kiyosaki said, “If I were to rebuild my fortune all over again, I would choose Network Marketing’s Industry”. Why? Because it applied leverage, leverage is the most important thing needed to be rich fast. Imagine Internet as your leverage where 1.4 billion users can see your business and work with you with a single click of the mouse.

Profile The Gilinski Group

Family enterprises are not uncommon in Latin America, where dynasties rule over large swaths of the regions economies. Still, among these captains of industry the Gilinski family stands out for its careful acquisitions in the areas of financial services and real estate, among other sectors.

Isaac and Jaime Gilinski have set The Gilinski Group on a growth course, keeping in mind the companys 80-year history, when it invested in one of the first industrial projects in the Valle del Cauca, on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. The Gilinski Group later became better known for its savvy investments Colombias banking sector. In the late 1970s, Isaac Gilinski bought Compaa Financiera Internacional [International Financing Company] and in the 1990s his son Jaime Gilinski acquired Banco Andino and Banco de Colombia. The Banco de Colombia purchase, and subsequent sale to Banco Industrial Colombiano for $418 million, ranks among the largest transactions in that countrys history. The Group later acquired Colombias Banco Sudameris and Banco Tequendema, and merged them into then $4-billion-asset GNB Sudameris. Seeing opportunities outside of their native country, the Gilinski family acquired the South Florida-based Eagle National Bank, now known as JGB Bank.

More recently its Panama thats attracted the Groups attention. The opportunities in that nation led Jaime Gilinski, in conjunction with London & Regional Partners, to be among the 16 international firms to bid on the Panam Pacfico Project, which is being built on the site of the former Howard Air Force Base near Panama City.

This massive $700-million real estate development project comprises 2,750 acres of land and is one of the largest in the world. Its part of the wave of investments that are pouring into Panama as a result of the countrys multi-billion-dollar expansion of the Panama Canal, and Panam Pacfico is expected to generate over 20,000 jobs for the region.
Panam Pacfico will serve as a hub for international trade, as well as residential and retail complexes in Panama City. The mixed-use master planned development is designed to take full advantage of an air strip on the property and close proximity to the Panama Canal. Several multinational corporations have made plans to invest in the project, including Singapore Airlines, 3M, and Caterpillar.

The residential component of Panam Pacfico is expected to include 20,000 homes that will be designed in an eco-friendly manner that complements the areas stunning natural environment of mangroves, wetlands, and tropical forests. Golf courses, gardens, walking paths, and open spaces are planned as well as luxury hotels. Once completed, the project is expected to be valued upwards of $10 billion.

The Gilinski Group continues to seek investment opportunities in Colombia, where its business interests include the Cali, Colombia-based snack foods manufacturer Yupi and Rimax Plastics, which was founded by Isaac Gilinski.

With Isaac and Jaime Gilinski at the helm, the Gilinski Group is poised for global growth.

President Obama Tuition Reimbursement

You have wanted to continue pursuing your educational ambitions but have faced many obstacles in your path. Family issues, financial crisis, and a struggling economy have all affected your plans to get a degree. But just as he promised in his campaign there is hope. President Barack Obama has created the the American opportunity tax credit. This is a new education tax credit guarantees that students that 100% of the first $2000 and 25% of the following $2,000 of the first 4 years of a college education. Through this tuition reimbursement package it guarantees a company will reimburse or pay for your courses in advance that will result in completing a degree or certification. It is important to know what Financial Aid is out there to help you attain your goal. There are a plethora of Reimbursement options that you cab be eligible for.

Tax Credits for qualifying students
The Lifetime Learning Tax Credit is available to students who take at least one class from an accredited school, including both graduate and undergraduate institutions. Qualifying students can get credit for 20% of the first $10,000 they spend on educational expenses, with a maximum credit of $2,000.

Stafford Loans with low-interest rates
To qualify you have t be enrolled as a part time student typically 12 units. There is a six month grace period after they graduate, decide to leave school or the amount of classes is not equivalent to be considered part time. Stafford Loans are made available to both undergraduate and graduate students that are enrolled at the university for at least half of the time. There are two types of loans through the Stafford Loans. A subsidized loan, which is offered when the cost of attendance is larger than the students familys expected income and, the other loan is known as an unsubsidized loan.

Generous employer tuition reimbursement programs
If you are still employed and would still like to get a degree, the majority of corporations offer a tuition assistance program giving their employees the opportunity to return to college to complete their undergraduate degree, a graduate program or certificate that advances ones knowledge in their field of work. These corporations see you getting your degree as an investment on their part, because the more knowledge they have the more ways they can contribute to the company.
Register right now forĀ  Tuition Reimbursement and see what Financial Aid options are best suited to your needs.

Important Information Of Seychelles Offshore Financial Services

When investing in Seychelles International Business Company, one of the most obvious things to do is to have a reliable Seychelles offshore financial service. Usually, there is no need of opening a bank account in Seychelles. With that, be glad to know that in Seychelles there are first rate international banks where financial services can be availed. This kind of option is widely available in Seychelles and there are quite few banks where it enables of opening a bank account. As an owner of offshore IBC Seychelles then it’s highly recommended of going to reputable banks of Seychelles.

One such bank is Barclays Bank Seychelles. This is basically a branch of the world as renowned international banking group of Barclays and also known upon providing the best Seychelles offshore financial services. There are also some other international banks that operate in Seychelles but it must taken into consideration that Barclays might be a best choice as it provide an optimum financial service in Seychelles. Be reminded that privacy or anonymity is what been after and Barclays can provide along with these things. Barclays bank in Seychelles acquires a dedicated offshore banking department. They specialize in international banking and their Seychelles offshore financial services become popular for offshore companies in worldwide setting.

Seychelles offshore financial offers state of art banking facilities that are also available for international customer or clients. If a client is considering opening a bank account in Seychelles or wanted of availing an offshore financial services of Seychelles, be reminded that there are certain guidelines that needed to follow as to fully understand what’s necessary and what will acquire when opening an offshore bank account in Seychelles. For starters, due diligence is one thing that need to remember. If wanting to open a corporate account for offshore company in Seychelles, all the reputable banks requires detailed personal and business information from the client as an owner of offshore company in Seychelles.

There is also a need to disclose the same kind of information on the controllers of offshore account. This is basically the requirements that need to acquire if wanted of availing an offshore financial services in Seychelles. To become more specific about this, the bank must know and identify the actual beneficial owner of Seychelles offshore company. The owners, controllers of IBC and those anyone who will be granted the account signatory rights needs to be properly identified by the bank. And, there is a need of providing a number of documents to do so such as copy of second photo ID, certified passport copy, banker’s reference, cash flow forecast and detailed business description. The requirements for documents may differ in details but in general, it remains fairly similar as in all the banks in the world.

It entails that Seychelles offshore financial services requirements might be detailed and also stricter. When opening this kind of financial services in Seychelles, there is a need to be reminded upon utilizing the appointed directors and nominee shareholders that can support upon avoiding unnecessary scrutiny. These confidentiality functions are basically irrelevant in opening bank accounts. Take into consideration that any bank will be primarily interested to an actual owners of the company which the client somehow not entirely satisfied upon merely getting an information on appoint ted managers or representatives. This is a part of Seychelles offshore financial services.

Be reminded that there will be no such aspect as an anonymous bank account. By law, all banks are required to know their clients in a very comprehensive manner. This means that everything about the client must disclose unto the bank. But, it’s possible to do so without the personal appearance of the company owner in the bank. There are no exceptions and there is a need of providing a bank with client’s information. Although, the banks will offer Seychelles offshore financial services will need to determine about the client as the owner of an offshore company, secrecy is still very strict, especially in international banks and offshore financial centers.

There is a need to be reminded that banking secrecy regulations stipulate the client information as to strictly remain the confidentially policy. These are the factors that clients remember when seeking a services of Seychelles offshore financial institutions. In Seychelles, make sure that financial service or banks in Seychelles will enable of providing with best quality services available. The offshore financial services of Seychelles provides an assurances of acquiring a best services offered thru international banks and also ensure that the information provided will never disclosed to any third party individuals.

Guide For Financial Services Marketing

As the world is emerging from the curse of recession more and more companies are looking for expanding their businesses. In such a situation, they are looking forward to seek financial assistance from experts. Thus, this is the right time for financial services marketing for your company. A major hurdle that the financial service providers have to face during marketing is the absence of a definite target audience. Financial services have a wide reach that extends to all the corners of the market. Thus, there is a diverse range of consumers that the finance institutions cater to.

Almost all reputed organization needs financial aids to maintain smooth functioning. These organizations belong to various fields and genres. Hence the marketing of the financial services should be such that it accommodates organization from all fields.

Maintaining loyalty to the customers at all times is a hidden marketing strategy. This will ensure that a customer sticks to your institution whenever there is a need for financial services. This is an important factor that should be kept in mind always.

Whatever the financial service is it should be flexible enough to suit different clients. As already mentioned, the clients will belong to various fields of business, their expectations and needs will also be different. This is a big responsibility for financial institutions that are marketing in order to expand their business.

Once you have built a list of your clients focus on building a good bond with them. Get in touch with your clients from time to time to get their feedback about your services. Contact the clients even when you do not want to sell anything just to keep them reminding about your existence.

The key for Financial Marketing is to reach the prospective customers and put across the services that you provide. Maintain a healthy relation with your existing customers.