Reliance Industries Scholarship To Stanford

For all the Indian students who have ever dreamt of pursuing MBA from the prestigious Stanford School of Business, good news is on its way. Reliance Industries Limited along with the Stanford Graduate School of Business had announced the creation of Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship programme in 2008 to support Indian students with financial problems. This year also Stanford School of Business will offer scholarship to Indian nationals under MBS programme.

Under this scholarship programme started by the Reliance Industries Limited, Stanford will award five Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Fellowships every year to offer full financial support to the Indian students. This Reliance Dhirubhai scholarship will also cover expenses including travel, tuition and accommodation. This scholarship includes 100 per cent tuition cover along with all the expenses starting from applying till attending the MBA programme which is approximately $85,000 for a single student and $95,000 for a married student.

The students eligible for applying for Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship should be citizens of India and are required to sit for a test where the aspirant needs to write a 250 word article on How do you aspire to shape your countrys future? Once the scholarship is awarded to the students for MBA degree, Reliance Industries want the students to return to India within two years of graduating from the Stanford School of Business and work here for the next two years and serve their own country.

Since India is a fast growing economy, good management talent is required and for this, such tie ups will surely help India to grow fast in both national and international market. The finalists are selected on the basis of merit, commitment to develop India and the financial needs. After a good academic performance in a year, the scholarship is automatically renewed for the next year also. The Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows are bound to return to India and work here for minimum two years in public or private sector.
The Stanford Graduate School of Business receives funds from various individuals, corporations and foundations every year with a number of fellowship programmes. Private companies and other organizations offer grants, scholarship and funds to MBA students. If the student is availing of the funds from the scholarship programme, then the Stanford business school does not approve of any kind of educational loans. Some other fellowship programmes offered at the Stanford include Siebel Scholars Programme, GSB Internship Programme, Social Innovation Fellowship and Entrepreneurial Summer Programme. The last date for submitting applications is June 1,2010.

Online Florida Divorce – Never Has To Appear In Court

A Florida divorce is generally little more than a simple ecclesiastical issue. By the time you have made the concluding to get a online Florida divorce, the marriage has ended, and all that retains is to take care of the legal ties. Terminating the legal ties often includes splitting up any property from the marriage or just identifying the separate property of both the parties. Evidently spelling out who is to do what, when, and under what terms and circumstances, eases the general stress of a divorce, leaving less to be ‘argued’ over.

Florida Divorce Guidelines

Mail In Filing

In Florida, many countries allow parties to mail forms into the courthouse for filing an online Florida divorce. This practice varies from country to country. Explicit, simple instructions regarding completing this process are provided by The Florida Online Divorce services by many good online divorce firms. Some Florida Courts will not accept mail in filing, and some cases may not be suitable for mail in filing in any country.

How Long Will It Take?
The use of the Florida Online Divorce Assistance service usually takes between 30 minutes and two hours depending on the complications of your case. Divorce in Florida does not have a necessary time boundations after the filing of your case, but a judge may choose to continue (delay) your case for up to three months to allow the parties a chance to accommodate. Generally, such a hold up would not happen in an uncontested divorce case.

The only usability to seeking a divorce in Florida is either spouse has to have resided in the state of Florida for at least six months and the marriage must be either irreparably broken or one of the spouses is mentally incompatible. The Florida State will permit you a quick divorce with just a signature as long as there is no property division matter. In most situations if the online Florida divorce is uncontested and all issues involving children, assets and financial responsibility have been worked out between the parties and decided upon beforehand then only one party must show up at the hearing. Mostly uncontested Florida Divorce judge hearings take approximately ten minutes. If any matter arise that become contested then the judge will wish to hear both partners sides and have both present so that he or she may make a fair decree or send the couple to mediatio. If a judge finds it mandatory he may send both spouses to either a marriage counselor or a mediator to help them work out their differences of view on their own. When there are children involved this sometimes makes Florida divorce exacerbates and tempers rise so the necessity for a neutral party is mandatory. In order to teach parents to help their children through this traumatic period it is now a need in online Florida divorce, like most states, to be present at class to help them gain information on helping their child to cope with the loss.

Tips To Win The Lotto

Millions of people want to win the lottery. That’s way there are always millions of pounds or dollars in prizes. Even those people who are satisfied with their “lot” in life would still appreciate the freedom from financial pressures and restraints that a lottery win would surely bring them. Why not want a lottery win when the economy is in such a bad state caused by greedy bankers who already live like lottery winners! Having a little day dream about winning big on a lotto draw does create strong feelings of pleasure and contentment. What you may not realise, however, is that you do not have to dream of a lottery win or even just hope and pray for one. You really can learn how to win the lottery if you are open to such things being possible!

Wanting and getting are completely different things. An obvious statement to you no doubt but consider it for a moment. Dreamers are large in number. Practical dreamers are few. A practical dreamer will dream the same dreams as everyone else but he or she will then actively pursue those dreams. If you want to dream then by all means do so but use those dreams to inspire you into action. Although taking action is an important part of any goal achievement or success you must also be prepared to plan your rote to success and learn how to make those plans.

“How does this relate to winning the lottery?” is something that you are probably wondering.

If winning the lottery is something that you really want to do then you must set this as your goal and follow all the same procedure you would for any other goal.

Set a goal that you are going to win the lottery. This is your intention and setting intentions is extremely powerful when it comes to achieving your desires.

When I speak on setting an intention I am not referring to a Buddhist philosophy or any type of metaphysical teachings. Setting an intention triggers something in your brain that gives you motivation and persistence. Intentions are goals that you have no intention of never reaching.

Making a strong unbending and unyielding intention puts your mind in a very strong position. The mind is fickle and easily influenced and it always gives you answers. Asking yourself why you are always broke and your mind will give you the reasons. Ask yourself “how can I get rich?” and your mind will start to search for answers. Use this quirk of the mind to your advantage. Tell yourself that you will achieve your goal no matter what you have to do and watch as your mind tries to find ways to do it! This is how you achieve any goal.Winning the lottery is no different!

Believe it or not there are mathematical systems that have already been proven to greatly sway the lottery odds in your favour by many millions! When you use the very best lotto systems, that have been designed to work with the laws of probability and lottery patterns, you can reduce your odds significantly. In fact in a 6 from 49 draw using a 8 number wheeling system can reduce your odds from 1 in 14 million to just 1 in 500,000 for just 28 bucks! And, that’s just the jackpot! Winning smaller prizes is almost a foregone conclusion.

When you set a goal to win the lottery you must look into these type of lotto systems deeper.

Now is the time to take action. When you have found the very best lottery system available it is time to take action and start winning. Follow the 3 simple steps below.

1. Set a goal that you will win the lottery.

2. Learn about lottery systems that have already been used to win and pick the best one for you and your circumstances.

3. Once you have a good system put it to use.

The above simple 3 step formula, if followed, diligently will result in some form of lottery win. Landing yourself a big lottery jackpot win always relies on luck. However, by following the steps mentioned you can ensure yourself wins in any lotto you play. Many people have won jackpots following the above steps.

Company Secretary Courses And Subjects

Company Secretary Courses

The Company Law Board initiated a course in the year 1960 which is a Diploma in Company Secretary ship by the Government. As a result, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India stretched in the year 1969. These come under the regulation of the Companies Act in 1956 of Section 25. As per the Act of 1980, this was converted into a constitutional organization.

The Course lineup the knowledge in the field of legal affairs and commercial economic filed with the contemporary practice.
The aim of this Course’s is to expand and control the business.

* Foundation Course – 1st Stage: This is for the individual; he should pass the exam of Higher Secondary to meet up the eligibility criteria.

* Intermediate Course – 2nd Stage: The Intermediate Course which the individual should pass the foundation phase.

* Final Course – Last Stage/Final Course: The Final Course which the individual should clear all the two stages accurately to become a successful Company Secretary.

These are the all the 3 stages to be successfully completed

Eligibility Criteria:

Who and how an individual can pursue

* One should have passed his/her Higher Secondary examination or Intermediate Examination in order to pursue the Company Secretary courses.

* Those who are already a graduate and have cleared post graduation in Cost Accountancy or Chartered Accountancy has an advantage which is they can directly apply for the Intermediate stage of company secretary.

Training after Courses of Company Secretary:

After successfully clearing all the stages of the examinations; candidates have to go for a practical training for 16 months in order that the individual becomes the member of the Institute of the CSI and the person will be allocated a Professional Membership Number.

Extra Qualities:

* The person must be devoted and he/she should accomplish the good writing and speaking English skills

* He/she should also attain a moral character

* He/she should be able to understand the strategies and policies of the company. In a straight way he/she should become diplomatic person and should also be intellectual, elegant, loyal and meticulous as well.

Subjects Covers:

* Basic Economics
* Business Communication
* English
* Financial Accounting
* Company Law
* Management Accounting
* General and Commercial Law
* Corporate Secretarial practice
* Banking and Insurance
* World Trade Organization
* Corporate Restructuring
* Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation
* International Trade
* Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaborations and many more

Learning About Borderless Network Architecture

Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam is created to ensure the development of the professionals on the subject of the network architecture, the applicants also for this exam, should also have the basic knowledge along with the certification so that they are qualified enough to perform the different challenging tasks.

700-301, Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam main topics which the applicants need to understand are given to the candidates for fundamental learning which includes:
Understanding business value, Positioning a Business Value Engagement, Boosting your credibility, Business Value Statement, Establishing a view of business needs, Gain Insight form Pre-Meeting Business, Building the Business Model Canvas, Refining your view of business needs, Engaging with the CxO, Preparing strategic questions, Script your strategic questions, Pose your strategic questions, Creating a Business Motivation Model, Refine your business model canvas, Describe a business motivation model, Translating business needs into capabilities, Translate business needs into capabilities, Finance and business value, Investing in business, The income statement, Creating a Business Case, Understanding Financial Information and Creating a Business Case.

After completing the 700-301, Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam the professionals will be effectively able to Articulate the benefits of a business value engagement, Engage with a customer using business value terms, Use a framework to provide a repeatable process for a business value engagement, Understand how to apply a Business Value methods and architecture concepts across phases of the sales cycle, Conduct client engagements following the Business Value approach, Demonstrate how the architectural lifecycle corresponds to Cisco solutions, Identify and interact with key stakeholders to achieve business outcomes, Understand the financial components of a business engagement and financial aspects and build a business case to describe the business value of your solution.

For certain tasks, the applicants of 700-301, Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam should have profound knowledge on issues that can interrupt network services, configure and manage multiple networks, network port priority affects network connectivity, network interface priorities and active interfaces, identify the interface used for network access, the features and functions of Quick Look, the location of Quick Look plug-ins, the file types supported by Quick Look in a default installation, applications included use Quick Look, the key features of the App Store application, key requirements for using the App Store application to purchase and install a valid Apple ID, currently active Apple ID thats being used with the App Store, features, purpose, and operation of the Auto Save function, features, purpose, and operation of the Versions function, requirements and process for running Java applications.

It is recommended strongly that before taking the 700-301, Advanced Borderless Network Architecture Sales Exam, the candidates should be loaded by one of the following which includes having CSE 646-206 Cisco Sales Essentials, Advanced Borderless Network for Account Managers or Advance Borderless Network Architecture for Sales Exam, if not then they should have the certification of Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist or Advanced Collaboration Architecture Sales Specialist or at least Data Center Networking Solution Sales as it works as the prerequisites for this exam.